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Sex and the City Season 1-6 Boxset

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 Sex and the City DVDs Info
Format: Support both NTSC & PAL
Seasons: Season 1 2 3 4 5 6
Edition: 20-Disc Set


Comedy | Drama | Romance


Region Free – You can enjoy it wherever you are
Audio Track: English


Weight: 1.20kg


Brand new factory sealed
The Plot Summary of Sex and the City

 A sensuous and ironic sitcom about four young, desirable, virtually inseparable New York bachelor girls who lead and confide in each-other their ever changing and confusing sex lives, as different as their natures. Carrie Bradshaw is a charming petite columnist, and often the narrator of the story, either writing her copy or off screen, constantly tossing up and rejecting different views on just about anything that does or might impact modern women's sex lives; she tries almost everything, is constantly disappointed, but always seems to return to a certain Mr. Big. Miranda Hobbes is a red-hair lawyer determined to score professionally and to be though in love to, yet her only faithful lover is an insecure nerd. Charlotte York is a gallery-managing wasp from a prestigious, super-rich family, with high old-fashioned moral standards for her lovable but insecure self but unfortunately almost impossible to live up to for any lover, whenever she can find a socially acceptable one. Samantha Jones is every feminist's hero, and the utterly unashamed voice of lust at their meetings: an acclaimed PR agent and unstoppable nymphomaniac man-eater who can flirt the pants off almost any man (often literally and fast) and always feels like more, without a hint of commitment, claiming this is the age for woman to do what men always did to them...

Credits Info
Actor: Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Cynthia Nixon, Kristin Davis, Willie Garson, Christopher Noth
Director: Allen Coulter, John David Coles




Property of goods
[ Condition ] : New
[ Boxed Set ] : Yes
[ Display Format ] : Wide Screen
[ Region ] : Region Free: Worldwide

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User comment

Deborah( 2009-11-26 ) Give comments rank Comments rank
I have found that all of the Sex And The City DVDs are Great!! If you're a lover of this series, being able to watch them all again is really fun. There have even been a few that I hadn't seen!
Anny( 2009-11-25 ) Give comments rank Comments rank
Sex and the City six seasons packaged in one attractive box. A great chance to see and hear the brilliance of this series . Well written and acted. They are missed:-)
wewright( 2009-10-26 ) Give comments rank Comments rank
Zechariah( 2009-09-02 ) Give comments rank Comments rank
it was fast delivery and good service. will purchase from again in the future! thanks a lot for being so speedy with shipping!
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